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Since 1989 HWI has specialize in dynamic, interactive computer systems for education, training and web based enterprise applications.

Virtual Environments for Education and Training

Additional Information and Samples
Regardless of the delivery environment, we separate the content, simulation control, and simulation communications from the delivery platform. This results in projects that are much faster to develop, flexible, and fit into an Instructional System Design development process with numerous review and revision cycles.

Using this approach, systems can be designed to deliver exercises that were created for one platform on a number of additional platforms with only minor changes. Platforms we are currently developing for:
  • Second Life
  • Unity
  • iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Other Mobile Platforms
  • Dynamic Web Pages
Dynamic Web Based Applications
Web sites on today's internet need to be flexible, dynamic, and easy to change. By placing much of the content on the system web server, employees, with little or no web authoring experience, can easily make changes and keep the site current and fresh, even on a daily basis if desired.

We also provide back office solutions that allow employees to access tasks dedicated to running their company via either a custom designed web site or utilizing a Salesforce platform.

Our customers range from large entities such as Shell Oil, Conoco-Phillips, Pizza Hut, University of Texas and Rice University to enterprises such as East Coast Assistance Dogs and Cotton Patch Cafe just to name a few.

We strongly support education institutions and education related non-profit entities in their education efforts.

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